Stop and Think


You have a problem, a concern, or a dream.   So what?



The objective of anything we do is to have a better life than we did before. The problem is that some approaches work better than others.  Other approaches cost more time, money, and work than they are worth.    The ultimate benefit is to get what you need, what you want, and what you a cost you can live with.


The first step is to stop all the 'busy work' that keeps you too busy to see what you really need, want, and hope for.  A brief pause gives us a chace to breathe, see and feel clearly, so we can focus on what IS important and productive, rather than mindlessly keep doing whatever we have been doing, but doesn't really work for us.

Simplify.  That way we able to manage a few, effective tasks that have the best outcomes for us. 



Thinking and feeling are both needed for our life to get better.  The best outcomes are when our body, mind, and emotions are all in agreement; when things feel as right as they sound to us.  Here, we just use a few simple tools to make it as easy and effective as possible.


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