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*Travel Showcase

Here are some trips we've taken, that may inspire you...

Adventure Weekend

We can add a little more attitude, altitude, and adrenaline within just a few hours of home.

Australia: The Top End

A common bucket list item, but it's hotter, harsher, and further than you think.

Balance: Time vs Money vs Effort

The best balance enables all the most important results in exchange for some things we don't really care about.

Beach Getaways

Sand, water, air….what else do you need?

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What I Mean by…


This just means something that works, giving you what you really need or want.


This when we do something effective (that works), but with the least risk or investment of time, effort, or money 

Need vs Want

We are often so driven by what we want, that we missa few things we truly need.

Need is only those conditions that actually keep us alive, functioning, and healthy.

Wants are all the thing that make life easier, more enjoyable or comfortable.

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