Who Is Terry?

Terry is one half of Terry and Ros, founder of the 360 Focus foundation, and a global citizen.

Terry's focus and content here is his own take on things.

Terry is a professional problem-solver, with success in several industries, functions, and roles within international corporations, government, and private industry.

He’s also a generally good guy who wants to help others, if he can. Terry tries to lead by example, participating rather than passing by. Practical and present, while working with a sustainable plan.

“The way get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

- Walt Disney

You can get to know him better at his professional and personal websites.

For simplicity, I group things by what part of my life they affect most, including:

I focus on what I can make a difference on and get things done simply and effectively, so I can enjoy what I have.

Contact Terry

For a little chat over ideas, issues, or better ways, reach out to me.