Getting Started

Getting started is hard, especially if we are not clear on the why we need this, the desired outcome, or the resources we will need to invest.



Having let all the distracting 'noise' and less-critical 'detail' go. we can focus on what IS the most important work.  That way, we are working on the things that are most beneficial, to us.  We'll get to all the 'other stuff' later.



Time, money, and work are the three things we can leverage to get what we need.  How well they work together, and controlling how much of each we invest in getting what we want is the key determiner of 'is it worth it?'



Knowing the outcome that sill transform our life and identifying how much it's worth to us, we can allocate or commit those resources, so they are there when we need them, rather than 'being short' when we need them most.


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