Get Things Done

There are many ways to 'get things done', with some working better than others, and some costing more time, money, and effort than others.

Here's how to make it work best for you.









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Basic Ideas

In a nutshell, the Hybrid Party works toward sensible, positive, and sustainable change in policy and governance.

Beyond 'Getting By'

If coping gets us past the immediate and crippling pain, we have survived.  Some people don't.  Congratulations! However, if we hope to move forward with a life worth living, we have to go beyond that and learn how to build upon that sold ground.

Common Understanding

Here are my simple definitions of commonly-discussed terms.

Coping with Loss

We have all experienced the hardship of loss, the aftershock, and the permanent ripples left behind.  We can't stop that.  We CAN learn how to cope with the eventual effects on our lives.



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