Corona Fun

Of course, COVID-19 is no laughing matter.

On the other hand, all the isolating, sanitizing, and cabin fever also has health detriments.


Here are some things to share a smile, and a little light joy, in our time apart, together.

My YouTube Top Ten 

#1 - I Want to Hold Your Hand 

#2 - Stayin' Alive

#3 - Bohemian Rhapsody

#4 -  Do-Re-Mi

#5 - My Sharona (#2)

#6 - Don't Stand So Close to Me (or Sting's quarantine version)

#7 - I Think We're Alone Now 

#8 - The Sounds of Silence

#9 - Hakuna Matata

#10 - Under The Sea

Virtual Tours


Online Fun

These are just ‘starting suggestions’.  Although I am happy to post your suggestions, you can find heaps more (that you are most interested in) by Googling ‘virtual tour’ (or other things)

Or join a group here!