Of. By. For.

Whether told or read, heard or seen, storytelling has always been essential to the human experience. From fantastic tales that try to explain our world to touching tales that have us question our better selves, the shared personal experience of a really good story, has helped shape our history.

Most stories are told by studios, those with the resources to get a story shared.

Whether in film, books, or words, a small group of people decide what stories should be told, how they are shown, and only those that can make them money.  There IS another way.

What Is It?

A grassroots, peer-created 'studio' of people who will put their skills to good use with a community of others who share their passion for the story that needs to be told. a creative platform that truly is 'for the people, by the people, of the people' who enjoy these vital stories.

How It Works

Like Facebook, people create a free account, list what they bring to the table and the kind of stories that are worth their contribution. Whether writer, actor, narrator, cinematographer, director, set or lighting designer, producer, marketer, financial sponsor, or makeup, hair, or costume artist, a good story needs all of us working together for a great telling. 

Like a dating service, me let you easily search for stories you want to tell, make with others who can help you make it a reality.  Like a dating site, we are looking for compatible people to share our interest, enjoy working with, and share in the joys that we create.

Imagine a large library of ideas for stories.

  • Each 'project' has enough information that others can decide if it is worthy of their work.
  • Each contributor decides what skill they offer, how much time and effort they want to share, and what they want our of it.
  • A sponsor (i.e. producer) signs up to help get things rolling by coordinating it's contributors.
  • When there are enough roles being contributed, the team actually produces the film, book, or story.
  • Should the project do more than recoup it's costs, the profits are shared by all, as agreed at the outset (with a small donation to maintain the Of. By. For. service)