Reinventing Myself

Throughout our lives, we periodically 'take stock' and make adjustments, to ensure a better future than our past has been.

Generally, we do that in our formative years ("What do I want to be when i grow up?"), mid-productive years ("Is this all there is?"), and again retirement years ('What do I do with what is left?")  Although the focus for each stage is different, the process remains the same. pErsona-3

Our purpose here is to boil it down to the simplest, most effective way to manage this system of:

  • review (what we have and have done, up til now)
  • refocus (on what we know is best and most important to us)
  • reinvent (so the 'new' me is a positive extension of the 'old' me)

Of course, the 'me' at each stage of life is the same, but later ones can build on the earlier lessons, making them more robust, effective, and rewarding. 

You can reinvent your self simply by:

  1. Reviewing
  2. Redirecting
  3. Rebuilding