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Why am I not 'happy" with my life?

Although what we truly want varies from person to person as much as our happiness, there are some common causes, for many of us.

  • we might be unclear about what we actually want from our life
  • we may have more limitations to our time, money, skills or abilities than we realised
  • sometimes, we are merely distracted by some thing/one that we found along our way
  • maybe we jumped to an emotional reaction, rather than think about if a choice would help us

At any rate, we can do something about it now.
All it takes is a desire to be happier, willingness to try something new, and hope that we can be in charge of our future.

What are 'Building Blocks' of life?

Overall, there are just a few sets of things that are the things, ideas, and actions that we combine in different amounts and order to change our outcomes, including:

  • resources (tangible items as well as time)
  • value (the ratio of benefit-to-cost, with higher value being more benefit than cost/risk)
  • priority (treating one outcome and more valuable or worthwhile)
  • risk (the likelihood, impact, and reduction of unexpected outcomes or obstacles.
  • feeling (the emotional impacts and benefits we get from what we do)
  • action (what we do and don't that changes the outcomes in life)
  • balance (the mixing point between two competing priorities, resources, risks, or actions)

Whether we are starting a business, moving where we live, changing jobs, partners, or lifestyle, we use these same building blocks in different ways and degrees to do that.

Not every block is equal or users, but they all are there to consider.  I can show you more about using them here.


What is retirement really like?

It is exactly what you made it to be, so choose wisely!

  • FINANCE: Where your income comes from may change, but having enough to do what you want doesn't have to.
  • ACTIVITY: Now that you have more time, you can do all the tings you didn't have time to do before. Or you don't have to.
  • SOCIAL: Friends you have lost touch with can be rekindled, new ones with common interest can be started.
  • CONNECTION: Now that you don't have to chase your tail, you can seek out what you truly feel connected to.

What I Mean by…


This just means something that works, giving you what you really need or want.


This when we do something effective (that works), but with the least risk or investment of time, effort, or money 

Need vs Want

We are often so driven by what we want, that we missa few things we truly need.

Need is only those conditions that actually keep us alive, functioning, and healthy.

Wants are all the thing that make life easier, more enjoyable or comfortable.

How I Know…


We only need the things that would make our life impossible (or extremely problematic)

Everything else is a ‘want’.

How I Can…


Often, there are more things demanding our precious time, effort, or money than we can afford at the time.

To prevent being overwhelmed, we must limit our investment to just a few, truly critical ones.

We can prioritise in many ways, but the most effective is to set aside all but the top 2 or 3 that will most likely help us live the life we need.

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