Online Presence

I am often asked about getting better results with online presence, so I am writing a set of articles to say it once and for all!


Online presence means all information, images, links, and other content that can be found on the Internet that relates to YOU.

Whether a person, a family, a business, a government, or a not-for-profit foundation, it all works the same.  We will take a step-by-step tour through the elements and simple process that can dramatically increase your online effectiveness.



The building blocks of a successful online presence include:

Basics: These are the things you need to be ready to start building an effective online presence

Content: This is all the information, images and links that give value to your online presence

Design: This is how everything looks, ties together, and reinforces the unity of your presence

Connection: These are ways your content, social networks and search engine results bringvyour clients to you, ready to enagage


Having gathered all needed information so we KNOW what we want, who our clients are (and what they need), we can use the building block elements to complete the process:

Assemble the information, with the measurable PURPOSE at the top of the page

Draw a flow chart of how people come to you, then step through your content, and end up engaging with you

Divide the work into a sequence that builds on already completed work, toward your final outcome

Assign each measurable step to a person to complete, including due date and measure of completion


Let's explore..