Having stopped the craziness, focused on what is most important, and though about the outcome, we need to look at what time, money, and work we need to invest to actually GET the outcome.


We all know about time.  What we often struggle with is:

  • the value of time
  • the impact of time
  • managing time

The Value of Time

All too often, we are so busy doing, that we lost sight of the impacts of time, as if time is an infinite resource.  We can always 'stretch' our due dates.  There are three main problems with that:

  1. our problems remain unsolved, our needs remain unmet
  2. we have invested a lot, but have the same outcome as if we never started
  3. work that follows is impacted, in time, cost, and effort

Not a rosy picture, is it.  All three of these stem from the same cause; we lost track of the value of time


The Impacts of Time

There are three main impacts of time:

  1. stress to meet time limits, when we may have to increase our money and/or effort investment
  2. juggling time, when managing multiple projects or shortages of money or effort 'stretch' needed time 
  3. running out of time, like at the end of life, when nothing can get you more

Managing Time






Balancing Resources