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It’s been over a year of different approaches in different places, isolation and immunisation, lockdowns and loosening.

The wide range of results are not completely definitive, partly due to varying standards of data collection and reporting. What IS consistently clear is that where people self-control their hygiene, activities, and interactions, fewer people get sick and/or die.  When we don’t self-control, then governments have to step in, which is rarely globally accepted or as effective.

Brazil did nearly nothing to prevent viral spread and the results have been worse than Italy and Spain in March 2020 or the UK and US in April 2020.  Of course, political responses to government policy and action hasn’t helped, as many have ‘stood their ground’ instead of ‘keeping social distance’, focused on personal freedom instead of social responsibility.

Looking at the factual statistics, I am really glad to see that Australia and New Zealand’s rapid and tough rules have indeed ‘flattened the curve‘ and maintained among the lowest spread, illness, and death rates in the world. That’s the good news.  What’s not so good is the social costs and impacts. 

The effectiveness of extensive national lockdowns allowed us to ‘let others be vaccine guinea pigs’ made sense, but has now delayed even the slowest schedule of vaccination, meaning that the key to restoring travel (immunity through vaccination or natural antibodies from contracting COVID) is among the lowest in the western world.

Domestically, isolations are rare and short-lived (and imposed only in targeted small areas with outbreaks to minimise disruption while maximising effective control), so that certainly vis better than the complete shutdowns of mid 2020. That’s only part of the impacts, as international travel, a big part of many families’ lives, including mine, is likely stalled until May 2021 or later.

Not being able to see or help my kids, siblings, cousins, and other family and friends for a year and a half (so far, and likely over 2 years before maybe) is really a pain.  On top of the personal effects of extended helplessness, isolation, and difficulty in even video-calling the other side of the world. 

Of course, my heart aches for the people of India, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, the UK and USA. Their burden and personal cost has been so heavy.

We can learn from the mistakes made by these countries.  Or we can arrogantly ignore the objective and obvious cause-and-effect results of delay and ‘softer’ isolation of infected people (especially those that have no symptoms and don’t know that they are spreading it). Which approach do YOU think will best protect you, your family, and your community?

The most disappointing thing to me is also the thing that we, the individual people on our shared blue planet can do the most to stop.  Of course, that is the effective and simple temporary changes of distancing, sanitising, and self-imposed quarantining versus the ineffective and unhelpful politicising, blaming, and hording of what we all need.

YOU can be a bigger part of the solution than our ‘leaders’ by CHOOSING to act responsibly, rather than wait for some schmuck in government to require and force us to.

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